51 Vastu Shastra FAQs (With Answers)

51 Vastu FAQs With Answers

Q1. Is Vastu Shastra applicable only in India?

Ans: No. Vastu Shastra is applicable all over the world and all vastu rules remain the same.

Q2. Is Vastu religion specific?

Ans: No. Vastu shastra is secular and affects people irrespective of religion, cast, creed or color.

Q3. Does vastu affects children too?

Ans: Yes. Vastu affects everyone irrespective of age.

Q4. Why should I follow vastu shastra?

Ans: To live in a place that’s auspicious so that you get all the help from positive energies and shun away negative ones.

Q5. What are the 5 elements of vastu shastra?

Ans: Water, earth, air, fire and space are the 5 elements on which vastu shastra is based.

Q6. When should I start to follow vastu shastra?

Ans: As and when you wish; however the best time in NOW!

Q7. When can I expect results from vastu shastra?

Ans: That depends on the type of house(s) you’ve been living in. If you’ve been living in house(s) with bad vastu and have shifted to a house with good vastu then it may need some time for the abundance to reach you.

Q8. I am a tenant (I live in a rented house). Will vastu of this house affect me?

Ans: Yes. Vastu will affect you as well as the owner of the house.

Q9. I own a house, with bad vastu (but I’m not living in it). Will vastu of that house affect me?

Ans: Yes. Even though you don’t live in that house, still vastu of that house will affect you.

Q10. Does the effect of vastu differ for men & women?

Ans: Yes. Men and women have different energies and hence vastu will act – or affect – men and women (in the same house) in a different way.

For example: if there’s a water body in SE of the house, then, it’ll adversely affect the female of the house (she’ll have temperament issues, medical issues & more).

On the other hand, if there’s a water body (such as underground water tank) in SW of the house, then it’ll affect – majorly – the male members of the house (men will have stability issues, medical issues and this may even lead to loss of life for all male members of the family).

Q11. Are there vastu guidelines for room sizes?

Ans: Yes. As per vastu shastra, the rooms in North and East of the house should be bigger than rooms in West and South of the house. Also, make sure to have either square or rectangular rooms. In case or rectangular rooms the ratio of length to breadth should not exceed 1:2.

Q12. Can I cover all 4 corners of plot as per vastu?

Ans: No. Please leave the corners of the plot free. You can, however, cover the SW one.

Q13. Can I make cellars, basements & underground house?

Ans: It’s better to avoid them especially in a residential building. However, for commercial structures, East, North and NE of the building can have underground parking.

Q14. How many doors should be there in a house, as per vastu shastra?

Ans: Try to have even number of doors in a home.

Q15. Do I need to buy a bigger plot if I want to make a vastu compliant house?

Ans: There’s nothing do with the size; but yes, you need to make sure that the plot is either square or rectangular.

Q16. Can remedies help in complete removal of ill-effects of vastu defects?

Ans: A defect is a defect. A remedy will try to eliminate the ill-effect of the defect.

Q17. Can worshiping help in vastu defect removal?

Ans: Worshiping is good and it creates positive energy in a house. But at the same time you should keep in mind that (if there’s a vastu defect in a house) then that defect is working 24X7 against you. Hence, worshiping can help but won’t eliminate the ill-effect of the defect.

Q18. How do I know if a house is not good as per vastu?

Ans: One of the simplest tests is to take a new born baby in the house. If he starts to cry then the house has bad vastu.

Q19. I’ve heard that only East and North facing houses are good as per vastu shastra. Is this true?

Ans: No, this is a huge misconception. Vastu shastra never says that a particular direction is good and other one is bad.

In fact as per vastu shastra, all the directions are good to make a house.

Here’re some links that’ll help you understand vastu for houses depending upon their facing.

(Note: The most important thing in a house is the entrance; hence all the links below have a lot of emphasis – with vastu rules – on house entrances)

  1. Vastu for North Facing House @ North Facing House Vastu
  2. Vastu for East Facing House @ East Facing House Vastu
  3. Vastu for West Facing House @ West Facing House Vastu
  4. Vastu for South Facing House @ South Facing House Vastu

Q20. What’s the best size & shape of plot that I need keep in mind while purchasing?

Ans: As said earlier, the shape of the plot should either be square or rectangular. In case of rectangle shaped plots the ration of length to breadth should not exceed 1:2.

Q21. Is vastu shastra related to astrology?

Ans: Yes, but not 100%.

Suppose there’s a person having very good astrological charts and he’s living in a bad vastu house. Now, since the stars favor this person, he’ll get lot of auspicious opportunities, but since the vastu of his house is bad, he won’t be able to make the most of these opportunities.

Similarly, if a person has bad astrological charts and lives in a good vastu house then he’ll get good opportunities & he may be able to grab most of these.

Q22. My marriage is getting delayed. Can it be a vastu defect?

Ans: Yes, there’re vastu defects that lead to delay in marriage. Read our article @ Vastu for Marriage to know more on this.

Q23. I’ve heard that there’re some vastu rules for pregnancy. Is it true; if yes then what are they?

Ans: Yes, there’re vastu rules that you need to keep in mind if you’re planning for a child. Our article @ Pregnancy & Vastu Shastra has got everything you need to know about this.

Q24. Do I need to have a threshold at the main door of my house?

Ans: Yes. It’s believed to stop bad energies entering your home.

Q25. Where do I need place the compass, while noting directions, for my plot?

Ans: Right at the center of the plot.

Q26. How do I know the facing of my home?

Ans: Note the direction you’re facing while going out of the house from the main door. That’s the facing of your home. More details on how to know facing of the house @ How do I know the facing of my home?

Q27. I want to rent out a portion of my house. Which one should I go for?

Ans: Try to keep the SW portion of the house to yourself (as that portion belong to the master of the house)

Q28. What type of pictures should I choose to hang in my drawing room?

Ans: Anything that radiates positive emotions is good. No images of war, crying girl, loneliness, struggle etc. Hang something that’s positive such as a happy family pic, a serene landscape etc.

Q29. Should I keep a Tulsi plant in my house?

Ans: Yes. It’s considered very auspicious.

Q30. Can I make a peephole on the main door?

Ans: It’s better to have a window by the door side rather than peephole.

Q31. Does internal arrangement of house items in a house plays a role in vastu shastra?

Ans: Yes, internal arrangement of house items plays an important role in vastu shastra.

For example:

  1. Placing bed under a staircase or a beam is a no no.
  2. Placing cooking stove in NE of kitchen is also a no in vastu shastra.

Q32. What should I construct at the center of my home?

Ans: Nothing, just keep it free.

Q33. Can vastu help me improving my luck?

Ans: Yes.

Q34. I want to earn more money. Can vastu help me?

Ans: Yes. Here’s an article @ Money Vastu Tips to help you attract money via vastu shastra.

Q35. I want to learn vastu for my home. Where can I start?

Ans: Here’s the link @ Vastu For Home (Room by Room Guide)

Q36. Is there a “best arrangement” of rooms as per vastu shastra?

Ans: Yes. Here’s it.

Master bedroom in SW

Kitchen in SE

Living room and Pooja room in NE

Guest bedroom or kid’s bedroom in NW

Toilets and bathrooms in NW, South or West

Q37. Can I grow cactus plant in home as per vastu shastra?

Ans: No. They hinder progress.

Q38. I’ve heard that the main door has a lot of important in vastu shastra. What things do I need to take care of while locating the entrance of my house?

Ans: Noting all the things here will take a lot of time. By the way, the article @ Home Entrance Vastu deals with just that.

Q39. I’ve an independent house. What’s the best place to have a car park?

Ans: There’re a lot of things that needs to be considered in a car parking. The article @ Car Parking (Garage) Vastu Tips will surely be a big help.

Q40. What’s the best color arrangement for any house as per vastu shastra?

Ans: Light and soothing colors are considered the best. Avoid red and black colors. You can have tinges of red here and there though. Our article @ Colors & Vastu is a complete guide on this topic.

Q41. I’ve heard that we should locate the entrance of the house towards the corner of the wall. Is this correct?

Ans: No. As per vastu shastra, you need to leave some space from the corner of wall. However, vastu rules, for main door, differ for different facings.

Here’re the links for your help.

  1. Vastu for North Facing House @ North Facing House Vastu
  2. Vastu for East Facing House @ East Facing House Vastu
  3. Vastu for West Facing House @ West Facing House Vastu
  4. Vastu for South Facing House @ South Facing House Vastu

And Home entrance vastu @ Vastu For Main Door of the House

Q42. I want to locate an overhead water tank. What’s the best place for it?

Ans: Overhead water tank puts pressure wherever it’s located. Hence, it’s best to locate them in SW, West or South. However, apart from location there’re other vastu rules for overhead water tank (and even for underground ones) that you need to follow. Out article @ Water Tank Vastu covers both types of water tanks. Do read it.

Q43. Can I buy a plot that’s lower than the surrounding ground level?

Ans: No. If you happen to have bought (or are buying) such a plot then you need to bring it to the surrounding level at-least.

Q44. Can I buy a plot with roads on all four sides?

Ans: Yes. It’s the best one you can get.

Q45. I’ve a plot that slopes from North to South. Is it good?

Ans: Slope from North to South means that North is at a higher elevation than South and that’s a vastu defect. Such plot will lead to financial losses and other interconnected issues too. If you want to buy such a land then you need to get the slope corrected.

Q46. I’m a student. Which direction should I face while studying?

Ans: East is best for students.

Q47. Can I place my bed, dining table, study table or drinking water under a staircase?

Ans: No. The place under a staircase can only be used for storage.

Q48. Can I hang mirrors anywhere in the house or are there vastu rules for that too?

Ans: No. Mirrors are extremely powerful vastu tools. You need to keep vastu rules in mind while hanging one in your home. More on mirrors vastu @ Vastu for Mirrors

Q49. What are yantras?

Ans: Yantras are tools designed to radiate positive energy. Now, depending on the type of positive energy the function of yantras may differ. For example, there’re yantras to attract abundance, yantras to attract better health and so on.

Q50. Is it good to have expert’s opinion when it comes to vastu shastra?

Ans: Yes. It’s always better to listen to an expert.

Q51. I’ve a query on vastu shastra. Can you help me?

Ans: Yes, sure. I’d love to. You can ask questions via dropping me a personal message on my facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/VastuShastraGuru/

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