Vastu for Home – A Comprehensive House Vastu Guide

Vastu for home is a collective approach, what I mean here is that if you do vastu for all rooms and parts of a home then complete home automatically becomes as per vastu.

But before you begin to learn simple and easy steps for doing vastu for your home, I want to know if you knew what vastu is; if you do know, then read on, but if you don’t know what vastu is, then I sincerely request you to read our article which enables you to comprehend the glory and positivity of vastu shastra @ Vastu Shastra – Sacred Science of Harmony and Prosperity.

Now, since you are – or have become- aware of what vastu shastra is, you are now ready to take the next step, that is, to make your home a vastu compliant one.

Since you have taken “that important” step to do vastu for home, let me appreciate and congratulate you for your gesture as with this step you have moved forward towards success, prosperity and abundance.
Vastu Shastra For Home

Vastu for Home – What in the world is it?

To make you better understand the phrase “vastu for home”, I want you to focus on each word of the phrase, namely, “vastu” and “home”. Let’s understand each word separately and then I will combine the words, so that the term “vastu for home” makes complete and perfect sense to you.

Vastu: As you are already aware that vastu is an ancient Indian science of enhancing positive and eliminating negative energies in and around a place or person; and the more positive energies are around you, the more abundance is attracted towards you.

Hence, it is safe to say that vastu creates abundance and prosperity in life of people.

Home: Now, a home is the place where a person or family “lives” and by lives I mean really live and not just stay.

If someone just “stays in” at a place then the place is not a home, that’s why, you just “stay” in a hotel and not live in there.

Home is made up of passion, emotions and feelings like love and warmth.

Tell me, how many times had it hurt you because you checked out of a hotel?

On the other hand, imagine the pain you suffer, had something happen to your “home”.

That’s because you are “emotionally attached” to your home, you love your home and share a harmonious vibration with your home and the home shares same vibrations with you.

At this point, you must understand that all the emotions are nothing but vibrations and vibrations are – in turn – nothing but expressions of energy.

Hence it is safe for me to say that a home is the place with which a family – or an individual – shares their vibrations and vice versa.

Till the time home and residents share positive energies with each other everything remains awesome, but as soon as negative energies starts to enter a home, things start to become ugly – REALLY UGLY.

Wanna know how? Read on.

You must understand that for each and every positive there is a negative, hence for each and every positive feeling – or energy – there is an equal amount of negative energy present in the universe.

Now imagine what could happen if negative energies enter your home, suppressing positive ones?

Obviously, the negative energy starts to affect you; not only just physically – by making you suffer medically – but also spiritually and mentally – by keeping you tensed, forcing you to take wrong decisions and much worse.

Now, try to combine above definitions of “vastu” and “home”.

What you get is a vastu compliant home which has the capability of ridding negative energy and accepting – and even enhancing – only the positive energies.

This – in turn – will always have positive effect on you – as residents – and you will prosper, be successful, experience abundance and peace – always.

Vastu for Home – What’s the Importance?

Since you have read previous section of this article, it will become easier for you to comprehend and imagine the ill-effects if you happen to choose to live in vastu non-compliant home.

Making a list of all possible things that can – and will – go wrong in a vastu non-compliant home will take years to compile; hence what I have done here is, I have made a list of some – in fact very few –definite problems, evils and negative circumstances that one will face if he/she chooses to live in a vastu non-compliant home.

Here’s what all will go wrong in vastu non-compliant home:

  1. Social Losses: loss of respect in society, legal matters and other possible ways to achieve this.
  2. Monetary Hassles: business losses, nonpayment of credit to lenders and ultimately bankruptcy.
  3. Medical Troubles: Extreme sickness, lethal diseases and even untimely death.

and remember these are just few, indeed, very few.

Since you have read this far, I can safely assert that you are a responsible person and in no case you will want yourself or your family to go through any of the above mentioned – and not mentioned – negative patches.

As you have seen earlier that vastu enhances positive and eliminates negative energies, hence once you do vastu for your home, you can then rest assured that you, your family and your home are always shielded from such terrible negative forces of the world.

To know how you can apply vastu for protecting your family from such negativities, all you have to do is just to read on.

How You Can Do Vastu for Your Home?

Actions speak louder than words” and this section of the article is dedicated to taking actions.

Actions that you can – and are going to – take NOW to ensure that your home is as per rules and guidelines of vastu shastra.

The first action which I want you to take is to have a good look at the image below, as this is the image which will enable you to understand which room or part of your home must be located at what place.


Vastu for Home

The above image will always assist you – in present and even in future – whenever you happen to do vastu for home.

From the image above, you can understand that each room and part, that a home is made up of, has a designated place as per vastu shastra, and the best part is that once you have located the rooms as per rules and guidelines of vastu, half of your work is completed.

Why did I say only half and not full, that’s because vastu shastra has tips, rules and guidelines for each and every room of a home.

Hence the equation stands something like this –

Vastu for Home = Locate rooms and parts as per vastu + do vastu for each room and part of home

Since you now know where to locate each room/part within a home, you have completed the part before “+” of the equation, all you now need to do is to complete the remaining part of the equation and THAT’S IT!!!

Now, to complete the remaining – simple and easy – part of the equation and do vastu for home completely, you need to understand vastu for each room and part of a home.

Where will you get that information?


Here are the links where you will find all the information about vastu for each room @:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining Room
  4. Pooja Room
  5. Living Room
  6. Toilets
  7. Study Room
  8. Home Coloring Guide

also, you can find and read the information regarding parts of home @:

  1. Main Door/Entrance Vastu
  2. Staircase Vastu
  3. Septic Tank Vastu
  4. Garden Vastu
  5. Water Tank Vastu (Overhead and Underground)
  6. Car Parking (Garage) Vastu Shastra

Each of the above links will tell you how you can do internal planning, décor, wall colors and other related parameters that play crucial role in vastu for each room and auxiliary parts.

You must take action – read, learn and understand all of them, read them carefully, understand them, memorize them, do whatever you like, but make sure you always have them handy.

Once you have read and understood vastu for each room, you can easily start planning a structure for your home.

As rightly said by Benjamin Franklin

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.
-Benjamin Franklin

I hope, believe and trust that my “Vastu for Home” article guides and helps you in making your home a really sweet home.

Thanks for your valuable time and please share this priceless information with your family and friends.