Vastu Shastra Fish Aquarium for Home

In vastu shastra, fish aquariums enjoy a very high level of importance.

Fish tanks, in vastu, are considered very auspicious and powerful tools.

They’re used in rectification of major vastu defects.

Furthermore, they’re even capable to convert negative energy in to positive one.

We know, as per vastu shastra, that everything has a certain level of energy associated with it.

We also know that locating everything correctly makes that energy beneficial for us.

The same logic also applies to fish aquariums in our home too.

Vastu Fish Aquarium
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An incorrectly located fish tank may invite medical troubles.

Talking about medical stuff, you must know that there’re certain medical benefits of a fish aquarium.

As per a research, staring at beautiful fish tank helps heal high blood-pressure, nervousness etc.

Also, if a kid suffering from anxiety observes a fish tank for prolonged periods then he’ll get cured fast.

Hence, correct placement of a fish aquarium in a home or commercial place is utmost important.

But before we begin discussing anything and everything related to fish aquarium vastu, let’s understand the symbolic importance of elements within fish aquarium.

Water: Water inside the fish tank represents life and if the water is moving (by pump or some other device) then it represents liveliness or positive energy flow in life.

Fishes: Movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Even Chinese Feng-Shui says that the more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more positive energy (Chi) they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted.

Having understood the symbolic meaning of elements within a fish tank, let’s start learning benefits of keeping a fish tank.

Benefits of keeping fish aquarium at home:

There’re various benefits of keeping a fish tank in your home.

While it’s tough to make a list of all the benefits that keeping a fish aquarium has, below we’ve listed a few of them.

1. Home décor: – A beautiful house is what we all desire. In fact, all of us love to see beauty around ourselves, be it home or outdoors.

There’s no doubt that a fish aquarium can make even a dull looking place lively and stunning.

That’s one of the reasons why you’ll see fish aquariums in restaurants and quite a few public and commercial establishments.

While we may not control the beauty outside the house, we can certainly adorn the inside of our home.

There’re various ways you can go about adorning your abode and fish aquarium seems to be the best choice.

Apart from making a room look colourful, it adds a sense of attraction to the room.

Frankly, they’re one of the best things that you use in your home for décor.

2. Evil eye shielding: – Not everyone that enters your home is happy with your progress. They have evil eyes and are jealous by your prosperity.

Such people will always radiate negative energy for you and that too inside your own home.

A fish aquarium attracts attention of guest and they continue to focus on it. Furthermore, an aquarium absorbs negative energy and converts it into positive one.

Hence a fish aquarium at home is a great shield from prying and negative eyes.

3. Adding to good karma – Whether you believe or not but karma is real. Feeding hungry fishes (or any animal or human) is a noble deed and this all adds to your good karma.

That’s why, always keep the fishes in your home well fed and happy

4. Positive energy generation: – The movement of fishes in aquarium symbolises liveliness; this is a common belief in vastu shastra and feng shui.

Hence the more the fishes move the more positive energy they generate.

Thus, a fish tank with healthy and active fishes becomes a source to generate positive energy within the house.

5. Reduces negative energy – Speaking in the same lines as that of the previous point, fishes and the aquarium are believed to absorb a ton of negative energy too.

Furthermore, once the negative is absorbed, they’ll convert the negative to positive energy.

6. End of a problem – There’s one more belief about a fish dying in an aquarium.

It’s said that when a fish dies naturally, it has taken a problem (that would have come to you) with itself.

Also, it’s believed that with the natural death of a fish, one of your problems, comes to an end for ever.

7. Relaxes and calms a human mind: – Researches in medical science has proved that observing active and colourful fishes relaxes and calms a human mind.

Hence, it’s a sort of meditation.

8. Helps reduce BP and lower the heart rate: – Another medical research revealed that observing fishes in an aquarium helps to reduce blood pressure (BP) and lowers the heart rate.

People with high blood pressure and anxiety tend to get better soon if they regularly observe active, beautiful and colourful fishes.

9. Acts as remedy to many vastu defects: – A fish tank acts as a remedy tool for many of vastu defects.

Hence, for many of the vastu doshas (that your home may have) a vastu expert may suggest to place a fish aquarium in your house.

5 Tips on How to choose the best fish aquarium for home:

Choosing an amazing fish aquarium for your home doesn’t have to be rocket science.

However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a no brainer either.

There’re various points that you need to keep in mind and obey.

Furthermore, as with everything else, there’re vastu rules that you must follow while choosing a fish tank and related accessories.

1.Size: The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the size of aquarium.

The size of aquarium will depend upon the space that you’ve in your living room to keep the tank.

The tank should be big enough to fit in the available space and at the same time must be able to accommodate 9 fishes, if you’re planning to keep 9.

If you’ve space or maintenance concerns, you can get a small tank that can accommodate 2 to 3 fishes.

The overall goal is to keep the fishes happy and healthy.

2. Maintenance: The other thing that you need to make sure is to choose a tank that is easy to maintain and clean.

Bigger tanks need less frequent change of water, if properly aerated.

Smaller tanks, that can hold up to 3 fishes, will need a change of water and overall cleaning at least once a week.

Hence choose an aquarium that’s easy to clean.

The irrational shaped ones tend to get dirty as dirt and filth collects inside and it’s almost impossible the reach all the places in the tank.

Round ones are the best as they’re very easy to maintain and clean.

3. Decorative Items: There’s no way that you could resist buying fish tank decorative items available in the market.

The variety on offer is huge and amazing.

There’re decorative plants, stones, pebbles, figurines, toys and a ton of other stuff.

All you need to keep in mind is that all the stuff when put together must not clutter or fill the tank completely.

They’re just to make a tank look beautiful.

It’s just the part of a tank and not the heart of a tank.

Hence, refrain from buying all kinds of such stuff.

Just buy the right amount of it as you’ll also have to clean everything periodically.

4. Accessories: Now accessories are a must with a fish tank.

Accessories like water pump, cleaning stuff, aeration gadgets, lights etc. are to be taken irrespective of the size of the aquarium.

If, the tank is really small (just for 2 or 3 fishes) and you’re planning to change the water frequently, then you can think of skipping some of the accessories.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance: Everybody remains happy in a neat and clean environment and fishes aren’t an exception.

The fishes will remain healthy and happy only when their home, the fish aquarium, is clean and well maintained.

Hence you need to make sure to change the water, clean all the accessories and décor items, remove all the dirt and fish poop etc. from the tank regularly.

The frequency of cleaning the tank will depend upon various factors like the size of tank, number of fishes, is aeration done or not, quality of water being used etc.

Here’re a few videos that’ll guide you on taking care of the fish tank

Where to keep the fish aquarium in home

Living room is best as per vastu shastra to keep a fish aquarium.

Also, with in the living room you cannot place the tank anywhere you wish to.

As per vastu the best place to keep fish tank is North or East of living room.

Furthermore, if the tank is a big one then don’t keep it in North or East as it may negatively impact by making the North or East heavy.

You can keep a big fish tank in West of the living room.

Hence the best locations are North or East, both for small or medium sized tanks and West for huge tanks.

Also make sure there’s no beam over the fish tank and don’t keep the fish aquarium under a staircase.

Number of fishes

Vastu shastra suggest keeping 9 number of fishes.

Hence you must try to get 9 fishes in your home but for that make sure that you have enough space in your living room in North, East or West.

It must not be that you’ve got 9 fishes and crammed them up in a tiny fish tank.

The tank must be such that all the fishes have ample space to swim freely.

Which are the best fishes

Apart from the number of fishes, the species of fish is also important and vastu has guidelines for this too.

As per vastu the best species (or names) of fishes are gold and dragon fish.

Hence a combination for gold and dragon fish is a very good one.

You can keep 8 gold/dragon and 1 dragon/gold fish.

Since, this is a vastu guideline, you should try to meet it.

However, if you’re unable to keep 9 fishes for whatever reason, I suggest that you keep at least 2 Gold fishes and keep them happy, well fed, well cared for and loved at all times.

What if fishes die?

We all are mortal and the fishes in the tank will also die as they age.

The natural death of fishes should not be taken as something alarming.

If a fish dies naturally then there’s nothing to panic and you must just replace the dead fish with a new one.

However, if you notice that the fishes are dying unnaturally then you must take appropriate action.

The first thing you should check the location of the tank. If the location isn’t correct the change it immediately.

Also get the water of your home (the one that you’re filling in the tank) checked for aeration, chlorine and other chemicals.

Improper water can lead to death of fishes.

Fish Tank Do’s

  1. Keep ornamental and healthy fishes
  2. Try to keep 9 fishes.
  3. Out of 9 fishes, 8 fishes should be of the same species and 1 of another e.g. 8 dragon and 1 gold.
  4. Replace the naturally dead fish with another.
  5. Locate the fish tank in living room.
  6. North, East and NE are best for small fish aquariums.
  7. West is suited for a big fish tank.
  8. Only one person should feed the fishes daily.
  9. Keep the tank well aerated and clean. Use water filters, water circulators or pumps. Use of decorative stones is appreciated.

Fish Tank Don’ts

  1. Never keep the fish tank in direct sunlight.
  2. Never overfeed the fishes.
  3. No fish tank in kitchen as this may lead to health issues.
  4. No fish tank in bedroom as this may lead to sleep related disorders.
  5. No dirty or broken fish tank is allowed.
  6. No fish tank under a beam
  7. No fish tank under a staircase.

I’m also including link to a very good and inexpensive book that’ll teach you everything about keeping a fish tank in your home. Here’s the link: The complete Guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping

I believe that this article would’ve helped you to understand vastu shastra for a fish tank at home.

If it did, then please consider sharing it.