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Welcome to VastuShastraGuru.com, a website that’s one of the most comprehensive guides on Vastu Shastra. At VastuShastraGuru, we are excited to bring you tremendous knowledge, guidance, and insights into the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra, also known as the Indian science of architecture and design, is deeply rooted in our Indian culture. It helps to create harmonious environments to enhance health, wealth, prosperity, and overall well-being.

Dating back thousands of years, Vastu Shastra principles are timeless and have stood the test of time. These principles carry the same relevance today as they did way back in the ancient times.

At VastuShastraGuru, our mission is to simplify Vastu and bring its teachings in an easy way so that everybody is able to understand them. Everyone from a seasoned practitioner, to a curious enthusiast, or someone seeking practical solutions for a home or workplace, will find something of immense value on our website.

Our website has a wealth of information in the form of articles, tips, advice and even in the form of comments from numerous readers. Right from understanding the principles to implementing effective vastu remedies, we empower you with everything you need to create positive transformations in your life through Vastu Shastra.

Be it your home, office, garden, or any other space, our website has got your back and offers practical vastu tips, guidelines, and resources to ensure that you align yourself with the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Right from building planning till the placement of the last piece of furniture and decor, we’ve covered every aspect extensively and if you feel something is missing then rest assured that we’re working diligently towards it.

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