Kamdhenu Cow Vastu: Elevate Your Home’s Aura with Sacred Harmony

If you’re about to get a kamdhenu cow and calf statue and place it as per vastu, you certainly need all the information on how to do that. 

That information is on this page.

But before we dive deep, here’s an overview of all the important aspects of kamdhenu cow.

Benefits of Kamdhenu cowAttract health, wealth, prosperity, peace, success and positivity. Ward off negative.
Directions to place cow in a home or officeNorth-East, North, East, and South-West
Best RoomsTemple, living room, and near the entrance
Best MaterialsSilver, Brass, copper, marble, stone, ceramic and wood
SizeNeither too big nor very small
Where to buy from?You can get the best ones here.
Kamdhenu Cow – Overview of important information

What is Kamdhenu Cow (aka Surbhi, Savala, Kamaduh and Kamadugha)

he kamdhenu cow, also known as Surbhi, is an all wish fulfilling cow that originated during ocean churning. It is a divine creature symbolising abundance, self-sacrifice, purity, nurturing, and fertility. It is not only divine, but also as a warrior, protecting its master and herself.

Experts also believe that the divine trinity of Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga is thought to be residing in Kamdhenu. Also, it is claimed that the kamdhenu is home to all the important gods.

The cow is always accompanied by its calf, named Nandini. The mother cow is believed to liberate everyone from mental tensions, financial issues, and ill health. For this reason, the Hindus worship her for blessings to attain prosperity, success, and happiness.

Significance of Parts of Kamadhenu cow

In order to grasp Kamdhenu’s significance, we need to understand the importance of each of its parts first.

The Kamdhenu is a sum of its divine parts and each part is a guide to a specific aspect of life.

Here’s what the parts mean.

Hump: The hump represents prosperity.

Udder: Udder symbolizes abundance.

Head: The head facing inwards (of the house) shows the flow of positive energy into the home.

Tail: The tail pointing outwards (of the house) keeps the evil away.

Horns: Symbolise the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Eyes: The Sun and the Moon.

Shoulders: The shoulders represent the fire and Wind Gods, i.e., Agni and Vayu.

Legs: The 4 legs depict the four sacred Vedas and also the Himalayas.

Not only just the body parts, even the name of the Kamdhenu cow has special meaning to it.

For example, the name Surabhi, means fragrance or beauty, and it signifies the divine essence Kamadhenu brings into your life. Thus, loving the Surbhi in Kamdhenu is inviting blissful spirituality into the home.

Best Placement of Kamadhenu cow

The Kamadhenu cow in itself is very positive. Hence, placing it at vastu-approved locations gives remarkable results.

Here, let’s understand what Vastu says about the best placements of the Kamadhenu.

Living room: Ideally, the living room is one of the best locations to place a kamdhenu as per vastu. While, the North-East corner is the first choice, the North and the East of the living room are 2nd best.

Temple: The temple of the house is another awesome spot for kamdhenu placement. People looking to enhance their social life should place the cow in the temple on a Monday. Ensure to worship it regularly. A silver cow here gives exceptional results.

Bedroom: A place where you should avoid placing kamdhenu is the bedroom. Bedrooms are personal and intimate spaces hence the energy associated with kamdhenu won’t align with the nature of the bedroom.

Entrance: You can also place the Kamdenu at the entrance of the house. But, make sure that the cow faces inward.

Bathrooms and Toilets: Placing kamdhenu in any bathroom or toilet is a strict no. Never, even by mistake, place kamdhenu or anything worship-able in toilets or bathrooms.

Additional Tips for Placement of Kamadhenu Cow

North-East: The Northeast of the home (Ishan kon) is the best place to keep Kamdhenu as per vastu.

North and East: If you aren’t able to place in the North-East, then the North or East is also very good.

South-West: For businesses running in losses, a Kamadhenu in the South-West of the office helps turn into profits. Additionally, placing the cow in the SouthWest of a home helps get more income than expenses.

Place the Kamdhenu at vastu-recommended spots for more peace, prosperity, and abundance.

Benefits of Kamadhenu Cow

Making a list of all the benefits of a kamdhenu will be endless. Still, here are 9 biggest benefits of Kamadhenu.

1. Wealth and Prosperity: People believe that Goddess Lakshmi resides within the Kamdhenu. Hence, a home where kamdhenu is cared for, respected, and worshiped sees monetary gains.

2. Positive Energy: It is believed that the presence of Kamdhenu is enough to enhance the positive vibes of any place. The face of the cow looking inwards of the house brings in all the positive energy into the home.

3. Fulfilment of Wishes: Kamdhenu or Surbhi is said to be a wish-fulfilling cow, as a result, its placement brings about the fulfillment of desires.

4. Health and Well-being: The nurturing and motherly energy of the Kamdhenu benefits resident’s health and well-being. As a result, the healing process is sped up.

5. Harmonious Relationships: Kamadhenu’s loving and caring energy creates harmonious relations among family members.

6. Protection from Negative Energies: Goddess Durga in the Kamdhenu makes it a fighter. Hence it is believed to ward off negative energy from the home. Also, it protects its master with all its might.

7. Enhanced Fertility: Kamdhenu, along with its calf, Nandini, is believed to attract fertility and motherhood. Therefore, couples seeking to start a family can get a Kamadhenu and worship it daily with the intention of a blissful family.

8. Spiritual Growth: The peace and tranquillity of Kamdhenu spurs spiritual and sacred growth. Hence, home where residents wish to embrace spirituality and want peace can get a kamdhenu.

9. Business Success: With the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi, the kamdhenu can be a miracle for businesses. Hence, businesses in red can place the Kamdhenu in office in the South-West on a Monday and worship it.

Best Materials for a Vastu-Compliant Kamadhenu Cow Statue

You can procure a kamdhenu cow and calf statue in any material you wish. Hence, it’s important to know that every material has its significance.

So, let’s get into it.

  • Silver: The best and the most sought-after material recommended for the Kamdhenu Cow and calf statue. It’s the most expensive one amongst others but it’s best for keeping in the temple.
  • Brass and Copper: Since silver may not suit every pocket, brass, and copper ones are really great alternatives. Metal statues exude strength.
  • White Marble or stone: A pristine white marble kamdhenu statue is the best if you wish to place it at the entrance of the home. Make sure to keep it safe, as any fall will break it, and you need to replace it with a newer one. Stone ones can also be kept at the entrance; these are more durable than the marble ones. The stone symbolizes stability.
  • Earthen/Clay and Ceramic: Earthen and ceramic ones are also welcomed by many in their homes. These are affordable but may not be the most durable ones. Hence these need additional care to refrain from falling and breakage.
  • Wooden: Cost-effective and durable is what wooden kamdhenu is all about. Wooden statues radiate warmth. Ensure that the wood is of excellent quality because poor quality wood may not endure humid weather if you live in such a place.

You can find some really amazing Kamdhenu cow statues here, here, and here.

Vastu Tips for Kamdhenu Cow and Calf

Let’s take our vastu game up a notch and learn what all we can do apart from the correct placement of the kamdhenu cow.

Use Mirrors: Place a small mirror near the kamdhenu such that the mirror reflects the kamdhenu. The mirror doubles up the positive energy generated. Make sure not to place the mirror directly in front of the statue.

Seasonal Offerings: Offer seasonal offerings to the cow and calf. Adorn and decorate the cow and its calf with flowers, grains, seasonal offerings, etc., during festivals or important days. You can do this daily also.

Add Feng Shui Elements: Add a water fountain, wind chimes, and red ribbon coins near the statue because these feng shui elements enhance the chi energy around the cow and calf.

Mantras: Play sacred mantras, like Gayatri Mantra or Om, near the statue for a more sacred atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Aroma: Light incense sticks like jasmine, sandalwood, rose, etc, so as to create an uplifting atmosphere.

Cleanliness: Perform regular cleaning of the cow and its calf. Regular cleaning helps purify and rejuvenate the energy surrounding the statue.

These simple gestures go a long way in fortifying the positive energies in your home.

FAQ on Kamadhenu Cow Vastu

We’ve covered everything related to Kamdhenu cow vastu in detail in this article. However there may be some questions left unanswered.

Below are the most frequently asked questions on kamdhenu. Do go through them, as they may have answers to your questions, too.

  • Can I gift kamdhenu to someone?

Ans: Yes, absolutely.

  • Can I keep the kamdhenu outside in a garden or courtyard?

Ans: Yes, you can. Ensure that it is well protected from harsh sunlight and rain.

  • Can I keep it in my workspace?

Ans: Yes.

  • Can I place kamdhenu in the kitchen?

Ans: Avoid in the kitchen.

  • At what height should I place it?

Ans: Preferably at eye level.

  • How often do I need to pray?

Ans: Daily is the best.

  • What are the best times to offer prayer?

Ans: Morning and evening.

  • What is the best size for the statue?

Ans: The statue must be prominent. Neither too small nor too big as per the spot you’re placing the cow.

  • Is there a specific pooja to be done while bringing kamdhenu in the home?

Ans: Welcome the cow with all your heart. Love it, care for it, and respect it.


Anyone who wishes to invite abundance, peace, prosperity, and harmony into a home should get a kamdhenu cow. It’ll truly be a blissful experience.

May you all get the blessings and the benefits of the kamdhenu cow.

Lastly, here are some amazing statues of the kamdhenu cow with its calf waiting for you to take them home.