Kitchen Vastu: Spice Up Your Life With Positive Energy

Want to do Kitchen Vastu? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

This article is your guide to making your kitchen according to Vastu Shastra.

But, before we begin and dive deep, here’s an overview of everything important that you’d love to know about vastu for kitchen.

AspectVastu Guidelines
Best Location of kitchenSoutheast of the house is the best.
Avoid in the northeast or southwest.
No kitchen in front of the main entrance.
Location of stove or cooking gasSoutheast of the kitchen is best
Avoid in any other corner
Location of SinkBest place for the sink is NorthEast. In some cases can be in NorthWest
Avoid in Southwest and Southeast
Cooking DirectionFace East while cooking.
Avoid facing South, West or North.
ColorsColors like yellow, orange, or red are great.
Avoid dark and dull colors.
Location of fridgeKeep in Southeast, South, East or North. In Southwest keep a few inches away from wall
Avoid in Northeast and Northwest
Drinking WaterIdeal place is Northeast
Avoid in Southeast and Southwest
Entrance of kitchenNorth, East or West are good
Avoid in Southwest
LightingEnsure the kitchen is well lit at all times
Change or repair non-working or dull lights
StorageSouth and West are good
Avoid in North, East and Northeast
Plants and CrystalsPlace Basil, Money plant for freshness and energy.
Crystals like quartz help attract positive energy.
Overview of kitchen vastu

Now, let’s continue to dive deep and understand the qualities of a vastu compliant kitchen.

Here’re the qualities

  1. Positive energy flow. 
  2. Health and well-being of family
  3. Financial stability 
  4. Pleasant relationships
  5. Emotional wellness
  6. Reduce negative energy
  7. Accident prevention, and many more unmentioned ones

Vastu aims to bring these qualities into your kitchen.

Now, we know that the kitchen is the place of transformation. It’s also a place where raw and uncooked ingredients transform into energy-giving scrumptious meals.

Also, the kitchen is the place of the FIRE element (out of the 5 elements, Air, water, fire, earth, and space). Therefore, maintaining the balance among these 5 elements ensures a positive and harmonious atmosphere and this is the primary reason why we do vastu for kitchen.

As I’ve said earlier, this article is your guide to making your kitchen as per vastu.

So let’s get started.

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. Kitchen direction and location
  2. Colours for kitchen
  3. Vastu for Sink and Stove
  4. Vastu tips for the kitchen, and a whole lot more.

Be sure to stick around till the end for 30+ FAQs; you’ll find helpful insights there too.

Kitchen Vastu Shastra Tips

Kitchen Direction as per Vastu: Where to Position It Correctly?

In Vastu Shastra, correct direction or location is the key and the same applies to a kitchen too.

While a kitchen at the right location brings positive vibes, a misplaced one can wreak havoc.

Hence, we must place it in the most suitable direction.

The best direction for a kitchen is the Southeast – the place of the Fire God, Agni. It doesn’t matter where your home faces.

Also, as per Vastu beliefs, a Southeast kitchen invites health, wealth, and all-around prosperity.

But what if the kitchen cannot be in the Southeast? Is there a workaround, or is there a 2nd best location? If a kitchen cannot be in the Southeast, then the North-West is the 2nd best position.

Best Location of Kitchen As per Vastu Shastra

Now that we’ve placed the kitchen in its best spot, let’s pick some amazing colours for it.

Kitchen Colours As per Vastu Shastra: Choosing the Best Colours for Harmony

Since, the kitchen is the place of fire, full of life, flavours, delicacies and high energy. Hence, we’ll never want it to be dark, dull and gloomy.

Also, the colours must match the persona of the kitchen. In fact, the colours should ooze warmth, hospitality, love and care.

Vastu says to choose welcoming and soothing tones. Colors such as yellow, orange, pink, white, light brown, and even red are considered best. Not only do they stimulate appetite but also promote a sense of love, warmth, compassion, and togetherness.

Yellow is all about wealth, prosperity, and happiness. It’s cheerful and hence an excellent choice for walls and cabinets. Of course, painting everything yellow will make the kitchen look like a banana. We’ve to make sure everything looks pleasing to the eye while following vastu.

While yellow portrays warmth and cheerfulness, red depicts love, compassion, and togetherness. Thus, red becomes an excellent color to find its place in the kitchen. Surely you can have splashes of red here and there for a more beautiful and pleasing look.

Furthermore, the same thing goes for orange, pink, light brown, and other earthy lighter tones too. Create a pallet where colours beautify the place but no colour overpowers others. Remember, the key is to maintain the balance.

Also, there’s no way we’re going to color the kitchen black, a very dark shade of blue or green, or any dark color. Of course, you can have tinges or splashes of darks here and there, but completely dark is a BIG NO.

Also, do have a look at all of the beautiful kitchen images included in this article. Not only are they vibrant, but they also radiate love, warmth, compassion and togetherness. However, be informed that all the images may not be as per Vastu Shastra.

Here are 10 kitchen color vastu tips for you:

  1. Avoid black and dark colors for walls and flooring because they’re dull.
  2. Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red as floor and wall colors. But, don’t cover the whole wall or flooring with a single colour.
  3. Earthy tones like brown, yellow or peach can adorn the Southwest side. 
  4. In the East use more green and aqua shades.
  5. In the North prefer green, blue, and white tones.
  6. The South can have red, orange, pink dark brown more than others. 
  7. On the Western side, keep grey and white shades. 
  8. In the South-East, fiery colors like orange, yellow, red, and golden.
  9. In the North-West, metallic tones like light grey, white, silver, etc., will be great. 
  10. North-East will look awesome in shades of pastel, light yellow, white, blue, etc.

Here’re all the colours as per directions in a tabular format for easy understanding.

DirectionBest Colours as per Vastu
EastLight Green, Aqua, or Green Shades
SoutheastOrange, Red, Yellow, or Gold
SouthRed, Orange, Pink, or Dark Brown
SouthwestYellow, Peach, or Light Brown
WestBlue, White, or Grey
NorthwestWhite, Light Grey, or Metallic Tones
NorthGreen, Blue, or White
NortheastWhite, Light Yellow, or Pastel Shades
Colours as per Direction

Having understood the best colors let’s move ahead and understand where we can place the stove and sink as per Vastu rules.

Vastu for Kitchen Sink and Stove – How to Align The Opposite Elements

There can’t be a kitchen without a stove and a sink, since these have snuck their way in all the modern culinary heavens.

Furthermore, the stove represents the fire element, and the sink represents the water element.

As these are the two opposing elements, hence placing them nearby is bound to attract clashes. Therefore, we must place the sink and stove as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

So, let’s start with the stove first.

Direction for Stove

As per Vastu Shastra, a stove in the Southeast attracts health, happiness, and good luck. That’s because the Southeast is the place of the fire God –Agni. Therefore, placing a stove here is in direct harmony with the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

Hence, the south-east corner of the kitchen is the ideal place for a stove or cooking gas.

Here are 8 easy Vastu tips you need to keep in mind for a stove:

  1. Never place a stove or gas burner directly in front of the kitchen’s entrance door.
  2. Face East while cooking; this is believed to bring good luck to the family.
  3. Never face West while cooking, as this leads to severe health problems for the cook.
  4. Don’t face South while cooking, or else the family may face monetary losses.
  5. Keep the stove a few inches away from the wall.
  6. Keep the stove clean at all times.
  7. Keep the cooking area clean and clutter-free at all times.
  8. Replace or repair a non-working or malfunctioning stove.

Now that we’re done with the stove, let’s go ahead and make the sink too as per Vastu.

Direction for Sink

As per Vastu, the northeast belongs to the water element and hence it’s the best side for water-related stuff.

North-East is the kitchen sink direction as per vastu. Hence, place the sink in the North-East.

Here are Vastu tips for the sink:

  1. Keep the sink clean at all times. In fact, keep the whole North-East clean.
  2. Never keep soiled utensils in the sink overnight.
  3. Make sure there are no spiderwebs, dampness, or fungal growth under or near the sink.
  4. No water clogging the sink.
  5. No water leakages from the sink.
  6. Replace or repair a broken or malfunctioning sink.
  7. Have splashes of blue color near the north-east corner.

Explore our detailed article, accessible through this link, that covers the best and worst direction for your kitchen sink as per vastu shastra. It also outlines essential do’s and don’ts for positioning your sink effectively. If you wish to have comprehensive knowledge about kitchen sink vastu, we highly recommend giving it a read. Here’s the link again for your convenience.

Having understood vastu for stove and sink, let’s move ahead and learn about the platform.

Kitchen Platform Vastu – How to slab it right?

A platform is an essential part of the kitchen. It’s where all the cooking, cutting, mixing, etc., activities take place.

So, let’s understand what Vastu says about various aspects of the kitchen platform.

Material for the platform: Opt for a stone or marble kitchen platform. Many people use quartz and granite, which is also recommended.

Colors of kitchen platform: Avoid black and dark colors for the platform.

Now, if the kitchen is in the East, then a green or brown color platform is good.

In the North-East , a yellow slab is ideal. Do note that a North-East kitchen is a defect and needs correction. Here’s an article on that for you.

For a southeast or south-located kitchen, a green, brown, or maroon platform is ideal.

For a West located one, a yellow platform is good.

For North a green one (A north kitchen is a huge defect and you must get a local vastu expert).

5 Vastu Tips for Kitchen Platform

  1. Keep the platform spotless.
  2. Avoid a platform near a bathroom.
  3. Place the platform in the Southeast and face East while cooking.
  4. Make sure that the platform is well-lit at all times.
  5. Broken Platform? Get it repaired or replaced.

That is all there is to when it comes to platforms.

But, let’s continue to learn some amazing Vastu tips for the kitchen in the next section.

Vastu TIPS for kitchen – Add the Positives and Subtract the Negatives

Just like every other room and corner of a house, Vastu Shastra has tips for the kitchen, too.

These vastu tips help to enhance the positive energy, hence, we must apply as many of these tips in your kitchen to make it more prosperous.

Beautiful Kitchen

11 Things To Do

  1. Place the platform in the East and South-East corner.
  2. Provide an “L” shaped platform next to the main platform near the South wall. Also, use this platform for keeping and operating microwave ovens, mixer/grinder, etc.
  3. Use the North-East or North side to keep drinking water and utensils for drinking water.
  4. Keep grain boxes, pulses, various spices, salt, etc., in the South or West direction.
  5. Have two windows/gaps in the East and West walls, also place an exhaust fan in any of the windows/gaps.
  6. You can place a dining table in the North-West or West side.
  7. Keep lightweight things in the East or North.
  8. The cook must always face East while cooking to ensure good health of family members.
  9. You can place a refrigerator in the South-East, South, West, or North direction. If the refrigerator is in the South-West direction, then place it a foot away from the wall else it will often get out-of-order.
  10. Give sacred offerings to the fire of the first thing you cook, because this helps ensure peace and prosperity.
  11. Clean the kitchen, platform, and utensils daily at night before sleeping.

9 Things to Avoid

  1. Avoid the kitchen directly under or above the pooja/prayer room.
  2. Do not have a kitchen directly under or above the toilets.
  3. Avoid the kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  4. Do not have the main door of the kitchen in any corners; place it on the East, North, or West wall.
  5. A kitchen in the North-East is a Vastu defect. It not only causes mental tension among family members, but they suffer losses too. So, if your home has this defect, then read the article about remedies for north east kitchen.
  6. Kitchen in the South-West leads to clashes among family members.
  7. A kitchen in the North-West direction is acceptable but may increase expenses. This kitchen is acceptable only if it follows strict vastu principles.
  8. The most dangerous kitchens are in the North direction. The North direction belongs to Lord Kubera (the God of Wealth). A kitchen here not only increases expenditure beyond expectations and control but leads to bankruptcy.
  9. Avoid keeping the refrigerator in the North-East direction.

pleasing kitchen


Q. What is the best direction for a kitchen?

Ans: Southeast is best.

Q. I can’t have a kitchen in the Southeast. What should I do?

Ans. Northwest is the 2nd best location for the kitchen.

Q. What are the best colors for the kitchen?

Ans: Yellow, red, pink, orange, and all the light color tones work great.

Q. I have a kitchen in the North-East. What shall I Do?

Ans: Read the article @ North-East kitchen defect.

Q. I have a kitchen in the Southwest. What shall I Do?

Ans: Read the article @ Southwest kitchen

Q. Where to place a refrigerator?

Ans: Southwest

Q. Where can I place the microwave?

Ans: Southeast or East side.

Q. Where should a cook face while cooking?

Ans: Cook must face east. Avoid facing west, North, and South.

Q. Where can I keep drinking water?

Ans: Northeast is the best place to keep drinking water. If you have a sink in the north-east then place the drinking water next to the sink. Make sure there is some partition between the two.

Q. Where can I keep a dustbin or garbage bin?

Ans: The northwest corner is the most suitable place to keep a dustbin.

Q. I love dark colors, and I want to use them. What should I do? 

Ans: You can have a bit of dark here and there, but make sure not to paint the whole thing dark.

Q. I live in a rented apartment, and the floor tiles are completely dark. What should I do?

Ans: Put a light-colored rug and appropriate color door mats.

Q. I live in a rented apartment, and the wall tiles are dark in color. What should I do?

Ans: Use light-colored removable wall decals with pictures of fruits and food. These will help to reduce the overpowering of dark colors.

Q. Where can I place a temple in the kitchen?

Ans: It’s better not to have a temple in the kitchen. However, if there’s no other option, then the North-east corner is the best place. Make sure to keep it clean all the time.

Q. What happens if the cook faces West while cooking?

Ans: Facing west while cooking leads to severe health problems for the cook.

Q. What happens if the cook faces South while cooking?

Ans: If the cook faces while cooking, it is believed that the family will have to suffer huge monetary losses.

Q. My kitchen is huge and I want to place a dining table there. Where should I do that?

Ans: You can place a dining table on the Northwest or West side.

Q. Where should I keep grain and pulses boxes and spices?

Ans: South or West is the ideal.

Q. Is the kitchen under a staircase bad?

A: Yes, it is bad and is considered a defect. If your home has this defect then do get a local vastu expert to your home.

Q: Where to place the kitchen door?

A: The north, east, or northeast direction are considered auspicious.

Q: There’s a window in the south wall. Is that okay?

A: It’s okay, but a window in the south isn’t recommended; however, it can still be accepted. Do make sure to have more windows in the east or north for proper ventilation.

Q: What is the best shape of the platform?

A: An L-shaped or U-shaped.

Q: Is the kitchen at the center of the house good?

A: It’s a disaster. Do get a local vastu expert to your place immediately.

Q: My entrance and kitchen are near to each other. Shall I be concerned?

A: Yes, you should be. You need to get remedies done.

Q: What are the best colors for floor or tiles, according to Vastu?

A: Go for light shades like off-white (cream); white will also be good.

Q: Where to place electrical appliances?

A: Southeast or southwest direction.

Q: Can I have some plants in the kitchen?

A: Yes, you can have. Place some small shrubs like cilantro, fenugreek, and curry leaves plants etc.

Q: Is a kitchen in the west direction good?

A: Accepted, but the cook must face east while cooking. Also, make sure to follow Vastu guidelines and make sure to get a local Vastu expert to do all this for you.

Q. My kitchen and bathroom are next to each other. Is this a defect?

A: It is a defect. Get a local vastu expert to visit your place.

Q: Are wooden cabinets good, as per Vastu?

A: Yes, wooden cabinets are considered good. Make sure to choose the best quality ones. Replace or repair the broken ones.

Q: My main door and kitchen door face each other. Is this a defect? If yes, then what’s the remedy?

A: Yes, it’s a defect. You can place a curtain on the kitchen door such that no one can directly see the kitchen from the main door.

Q: What is the remedy for facing West while cooking?

A: An easy remedy to facing West while cooking is to place an induction cook top or a portable small stove in the South East of the kitchen and make something daily on it facing East. You can make tea, rice and anything you wish on that portable arrangement. This’ll help reduce the ill effect of the defect of facing West.

Having understood kitchen vastu, let’s see if the dining room in your home is as per vastu.

Having understood the kitchen vastu, check if your dining room is as per vastu or not. Here’s a link for that.