Study Table Vastu – Key Points To Keep In Mind

In each and every home, study table is an important part of either children’s room or a separate study room.

Wherever the study table is located, you must make sure that the it complies with vastu rules and guidelines as this ensures that the person – or child – studying gets the maximum and the best results for the efforts in his/her studies.

If vastu tips for study table are followed properly then the benefits are highly rewarding, whereas on the other hand, if while placing or locating a study table in your home, you haven’t taken care of vastu for study table, then most of the efforts that one puts in studies are wasted and results remain mediocre.

Here, we assume that you are completely aware of vastu shastra. If that is not the case, we would highly recommend you to read our article describing vastu shastra and it’s benefits.

Before we tell you vastu tips for study table, we want you to understand the importance of having a vastu compliant study table in your home so that you’re in better position to appreciate vastu for study table.

Vastu For Study Table – Why Is It Important?

Concentration plays a very crucial role in studies, without concentration one cannot focus, understand and easily recollect whatever has gone under his eyes.

Now, choosing and placing a study table as per vastu rules and guidelines ensures that the concentration of student remains intact for long durations which in turn enhances the understanding capability, memory’s retention power and increases interest in studies.

One of the most common places where people locate a study table is the study room of a home, hence it’s utmost important to understand and read carefully the article on study room vastu so that you know the correct location for a vastu compliant study table.

Vastu For Study Table – How To Do It The Right Way?

First of all, have a look at the image and understand the orientation in which you must keep the study table as per vastu shastra.
Vastu For Study Table
Once you’ve understood the facing or orientation of study table then doing vastu for study table is simple and easy, all you need to do is to follow all the DO’s and avoid all the DON’Ts that are listed below as these are the best and most awesome vastu tips for study table that you’ll ever get.

What to Do

  1. Always make sure that the study table is square or rectangle in shape. Square is better. If the table is rectangular, then make sure that the length and breadth are not more than 1:2 for example, if length of study table is 4 feet then breadth must be between 2 feet and 8 feet.
  2. Use the best quality wood for study table.
  3. Make sure that the student faces East or North while studying.
  4. Keep the study table at least 3-4 inches away from wall. A gap in front of the student signifies open space and new ideas come to mind.
  5. Hang some inspirational posters or ideas in the wall in front of study table.
  6. If needed keep a table lamp in the South-East portion of study table.
  7. Keep the study table clutter free and clean at all times.

What to Avoid

  1. Never keep the study table under a beam.
  2. Avoid having oval, circular or other irregular shaped study tables.
  3. Avoid study tables which have glass embedded in them.
  4. While studying don’t let the student face a blank wall.

Once again, we insist you to read and understand vastu shastra for study room as it’s highly related to study table vastu shastra.

Keep all these vastu tips for study table in mind and you’ll definitely feel the difference in the result of studies.

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