36 MUST FOLLOW Living Room Vastu Tips

In this article, I am going to present to you, all the simple and easy vastu tips which you can – and MUST – follow to make your living room a vastu compliant one.

You know, a living room – or drawing room – which follows vastu shastra attracts wealth, happiness and prosperity – which are all positive energies.

These positive energies then interact with you and your family making – you and them – successful, joyous and contented.

Living rooms are an important part of each and every home; it doesn’t matter whether a house is modern or ancient, you will certainly find a living room in that home.

But WHY, you may ask; and the answer to this question is very simple.

Man is a social animal by nature” – this is the simplest and the most straightforward answer to this question.

A living room is the place of gathering – the place where you entertain your guests, socialize with people, enjoy and spend immeasurable quality time with your family.

In short, it is the place where most of your “sweet memories” are made.

For these reasons, I can safely state that a living room has dual functions:

  1. It is an interface where you socialize with outside people, such as guests, friends and distant relatives.
  2. It’s also a place where you share private time with your family doing activities, such as, watching TV, family discussions and anything and everything that you and your family love to do together.

Since a living room serves dual purposes in a home, hence it’s very important to make it as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra.

If you want to know “why”, then read the next section.

Living Room Vastu Tips

In most cases the entrance – or main door – of a home leads directly to drawing/living room; the main door of a home is the place from where energy – positive or negative – enters the home; hence it’s very important to make home entrance a vastu compliant one.

Read the article on how and why you MUST make the main door as per rules and regulations of vastu to know more on entrance door vastu shastra.

Living Room Vastu – Why Is It Important?

Since you have now become aware of the dual purposes of living room, you are in a better position to understand and contemplate the reasons to have a living room that follows vastu shastra.

Below, I have provided some examples that will make you consider doing vastu for your living room.

As mentioned earlier that it’s the living room where guests are entertained in a home; some of them have positive feelings – or energy – whereas others have negative ones (Hmm, there are all kinds of people in this world).

Now, imagine a guest, who has negative feelings for you and your family, entering your home and spending time in your living room.

Where is the guest dropping all the negative energy?


What happens to “this negative energy” if your living room if not “equipped” to get rid of it?

It spreads to entire home, affects you and your family in – obviously – negative ways.

I will tell you one more way of negative energy entering your home.

The main door of a home – mostly – leads to living room; hence any negative energy which – somehow – crosses the main door, enters the living room directly.

Since you and your family spend time in living room – with each other and with people outside of family – hence you all get impacted by negative energies present in the living room.

Since you have now read two main – but easily possible – scenarios of negative energies entering your home, I believe that you now understand how vulnerable a living room becomes if it’s not able to dispose of negative energies and attract and simultaneously enhance positive ones – which is why we do vastu.

Hence, if the living room in your home is not as per vastu shastra; then I sincerely urge you to read the next section of this article to know and understand all the important steps that you need to take to make your living room a vastu compliant one.

Vastu for Living Room – How You Can Do It?

This part of the article is dedicated to provide you “the actions” which you MUST take to make the living room in your home a vastu compliant one.

Understand that this is a two step process.

In the first step I want to take a look at the image below so that you understand the best location where you need to locate the drawing room in your home.

Vastu for Living Room

Since you have seen – and I believe have completely understood – the best location(s) for a living room in a home, you are now ready to take the second step towards making your living room a vastu compliant one.

The second – and the final – step which you need to follow is to read and follow all the below mentioned vastu tips for living room.

Living Room Vastu Tips:

  1. Construct a living room in East (not in South East corner, except for South facing houses) or in North.
  2. A living room is more beneficial in North direction.
  3. The North-West living room is also good; since presiding element of North-West part of a home is “Air”, the guests in this drawing-room start to feel restless after sometime and tend to leave early. This could be a great site of living area for families who want to avoid late night parties and get-together.
  4. God presides North-East of the house and this is one of the ideal locations for a living room, however it’s better suited for a pooja or prayer room.
  5. A living room in North brings lot of wealth and health for entire family.
  6. South-West located living room makes your guests feel at home and they stick to your home for long time. If you – and your family – have very active social life and just love your guests to stay too long (which could be difficult to manage at times) then you can locate your living room here. However, this place is best suited for Master Bedroom.
  7. Living area floor should slope towards East or North.
  8. The ceiling of living area, if sloping towards East or North is good.
  9. Have the door of the living room in East or North as they are very auspicious and brings wealth, health and overall progress.
  10. South, North-East or South-East entrance indicates success but then it takes lot of hard work to achieve.
  11. West entrance for living area is good for scholars and researchers.
  12. Living area’s North-West entrance supports development in all areas of life.
  13. South entrance for living area is inauspicious; just shift the entrance to West for better results.
  14. Within the living area keep internal furniture, articles and heavy things in West or South side. If there is no option, then use a base of 1-3 inches height to keep furniture in North or North-East.
  15. The head of the family, in living area, should sit facing East or North so that he remains in command and guests are not able to dominate him.
  16. Put the TV in South-East corner and not in North-East corner.
  17. If TV is in South-West corner, then it will breakdown often.
  18. If television is in North-West corner then the family will waste a lot of precious time watching TV only.
  19. Keep telephone in East, South-East or North.
  20. Do not keep telephone in South-West or North-West.
  21. Place air cooler and air conditioner in West, North-West or East and not in South-East.
  22. You can hang portraits of Gods or some beautiful paintings in the North-East wall or corner.
  23. Do not hang any portrait depicting negative energy e.g. war, crime, weeping etc in the living area (actually avoid them anywhere in a home).
  24. Use white, light yellow, blue or green colors for living room walls.
  25. Avoid red or black for living area wall colors.
  26. Keep square or rectangular furniture in living area and avoid circular, oval or any other shape of furniture (this is applicable to furniture in entire home).
  27. Provide a staircase in the South, West or South-West corner of living area.
  28. Put light curtains on North-East windows and doors and heavy curtains in South-West (this is applicable anywhere in a home) of living area.
  29. Keep North-East corner of living area clean and empty if possible. Also, to make things better, keep some healthy plants in this corner.
  30. Never keep artificial flowers, dried flowers (they attract misfortune), cactus/cacti or bonsai plants (have negative influence on finance and career) and are inauspicious.
  31. Hang a chandelier in South or West of living area; do not hang anything in center.
  32. Lit the living area brightly with soothing lights.
  33. Keep a fish aquarium in the East, North or North-East of the living area. In vastu shastra, a fish aquarium is considered a very powerful tool – so powerful that it acts a remedy for many vastu defects. But, you must use fish aquarium as per the rules and guidelines of vastu; else it may ruin all the happiness in your home. Read the article on vastu tips and guidelines for fish aquarium to know more on how you can easily have a vastu compliant fish aquarium at your home.
  34. If there is an error in the North-West corner then placing an aquarium will drop that issue.
  35. Never keep an aquarium in South as draws all positive energy out of home.
  36. You can place a water fountain in North.

Armed with these simple but very powerful vastu tips for living room; as you now know the implications of not having a vastu compliant living room, I sincerely trust that you will leave no stone unturned to make you living room a vastu compliant one.

Hope this bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to your family.

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