South East Vastu Dosh & Remedies

South East direction, in vastu shastra, is considered the direction of “Fire” element.

Now, since this is the place of fire element hence it controls or rules the fire or zest of human beings for good earning, health (especially for women), physical power and relationships (love and marriage both).

Furthermore, any vastu dosh (defect) in South East direction leads to financial, health related (mainly for women) and marital problems.

Also, being the direction of fire element, this corner of a home or apartment is best suited to make a kitchen.

Since, we’re dealing with South East direction (which is an ideal place for making kitchen) hence we would like you to read our article, that reveals to you, the simple and easy ways of having a vastu compliant kitchen in your home.

Taking the topic of discussion further, we want you to now focus your attention on the vastu doshas or vastu defects that commonly or frequently occur in South East portion of a home.

Since, there are many defects that can occur in this corner of a home or apartment, hence we’ve compiled a list of – possible – vastu defects.

Just go through them and you’ll be able to recognize them the next time you see them anywhere.

South East Vastu Defects and RemediesSouth East Vastu Defects List

  1. Toilet in South East
  2. Bedroom in South East
  3. Cut or extension in South East
  4. Slope in South direction
  5. Home Entrance in South East

Having seen vastu defects that occur in South East corner of a house or apartment, you must now be wondering about the issues or troubles that these defects or vastu doshas can lead to.

Just read on further and you’ll see the list of troubles and problems that occur in the life of people due to such South East vastu doshas.

South East Vatsu Defects – Here’s the List of Problems

  1. Health Related Issues: Heart diseases,mental depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Likelihoods of major fire accident.
  2. Financial Troubles: Losses in business and loss of personal money by various means. Difficulties in finding a good job, efforts in job go unrecognized.
  3. Social Issues: Misunderstanding between wife and husband (leading even to divorce), constant frustration and quarrels in family, extramarital affair, court cases, legal issues and police cases. Difficulties in finding a suitable match and other unexpected marriage related issues.

These are some of the most common – but in no way painless – issues that creep into the life of people who live in South East vastu defect carrying house.

Now, it’s time to for you to get into action and protect yourself from these South East vastu doshas by implementing remedies to ward off the ill effects of such defects.

What are the remedies you may ask?

Well that’s what exactly for we’ve created the table shown below.

Have a look at it and everything will become crystal clear in a sec.

South East Vastu Defects – Here Are The Remedies

S. No. South East Vastu Defect The Remedy
1 Toilet in South East
  1. Place vastu pyramid on South and East outside walls of toilet.
  2. Keep the door of toilet closed at all times.
  3. Avoid using the toilet and bathroom.

Furthermore, we recommend you to read our article on 11 key vastu tips for toilet and bathroom to know more on how you can achieve a vastu compliant toilet and bathroom in your home.

2 Bedroom in South East
  1. Move your bed towards South West corner of room. Just keep it few inches away from corner and walls.
  2. Sleep with your head in South and feet towards North.
  3. However, the best remedy is to move the bedroom from this portion of home.

Know best and most awesome vastu tips for bedroom in home.

3 Cut in South East
  1. Place four vastu pyramids, one each in North, South, East and West of home.
4 Slope Towards South
  1. Increase height of floor so that the floor slopes toward North and not to South.
5 Main door or Entrance in South East
  1. Place 3 vastu pyramids one each on either side and one at top center of main door.
  2. You can also place Om Swastik and Trishul on both sides of home entrance.

Here at this point, you must go through our article which reveals to you the most auspicious vastu tips to make the main door of your home a magnet for positive and progressive energy.

Apart from all this, installing a Siddha Shukra Yantra (available on Amazon India or Amazon US) reduces the bad and negative effect of South East vastu dosh.

You can also place a Siddha Vastu Kalasha, this will increase the positive energy generated from South East portion of home.

Also, we recommend using darker shades such as red or brown for walls in South East portion of home.

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Having understood all the vastu doshas (defects) of South East corner of a home, we believe and trust that you are now in a position to immediately recognize any vastu dosha in South East direction and provide an effective remedy for that defect.

Furthermore, since you now know what defects in South East direction a home may have, we recommend you to read our other articles that will tell you vastu doshas or defects of South-West, North-East and North-West direction.

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Always remember that these remedies will reduce the ill effect of the defect and will not kill the defect completely.