Kitchen Sink Direction As Per Vastu

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What’s the best direction of sink in a kitchen as per vastu shastra?

Simply put, the North-East corner is the best position for a sink.

This is because, in vastu the North-East side is related to the water element and hence a kitchen sink in this direction seems a natural fit.

This also ensures that the balance of the 5 elements is maintained within the kitchen.

Renowned vastu expert, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati said, “As per Vastu principles, the northeast is considered the source of positive energy, and placing the kitchen sink in this direction enhances the flow of positive vibrations throughout the home.”

Hence, the best direction of sink in the kitchen as per vastu is the North-East.

Have a look at the image below for a visual representation of the best and the worst location for a kitchen sink.

Best and Worst Kitchen Sink Direction As Per Vastu
Best and Worst Kitchen Sink Direction As Per Vastu

After identifying the best sink placement as per vastu, it’s crucial that we adhere to the sink’s dos and don’ts which we’ve discussed extensively in the next section.

Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Sink:

A kitchen sink that’s properly optimized as per vastu, will help invite positivity and prosperity into your home.

These dos and don’ts help maintain the hygiene and vastu compliance of the kitchen sink.

Here’re the dos:

  1. Cleanliness and Maintenance: A clean kitchen sink is a huge step towards vastu compliance. Avoid leaving soiled utensils overnight in the sink because stagnant water hinders the flow of positive energy.
  1. Drainage and Plumbing: Ensuring that the sink’s drain outlet is from the North-East brings the sink closer to vastu compliance. Ideally, the drain in the northeast direction facilitates smooth flow of water and energy. Promptly addressing any water clogging or leakages is crucial, as leakages may signify monetary losses and clogging signifies blocked auspiciousness.
  1. Distance from Fire Elements: As water and fire are opposite elements, it’s essential to keep them separated. Thus, we need to maintain a reasonable distance between the kitchen sink and the stove or other fire-related elements.
  1. Integration of Color: In Indian tradition, the blue or aqua near the northeast corner of the kitchen is believed to be very auspicious. Blue, symbolizes tranquility and purity and it aligns perfectly with the water element signified by the sink. You can incorporate blue accents via decor items, tiles, or utensils too.
  1. Harmonize with Natural Light: Position the kitchen sink such that it gets ample light throughout the day, especially the beneficial morning sunlight.  Natural light enhances the positive energy and uplifts the ambiance. Additionally, also ensure adequate lighting during night time too and at no time the kitchen looks dark and drab.
  1. Balance Yin and Yang: Vastu always aims for a harmonious balance between yin (passive) and yang (active) energies for holistic well-being. This means integrating the elements of both softness and strength in the kitchen sink area. To achieve that, we should mix the sleek, modern fixtures with natural materials and textures (like a clay pot for water storage or some earthen utensils or even a small plant in an earthen pot) to create a harmonious blend of energies.
  1. Create a Clutter-Free Environment: A clutter-free kitchen sink helps promote a sense of spaciousness and tranquility. Clutter always hinders energy flow and abundance, hence aim to keep the sink decluttered at almost all times. To achieve this, implement ingenious storage solutions.
  1. Enhance Water Quality: Since the kitchen sink symbolizes the water element, ensure uninterrupted supply of good quality water. If needed, install a water purifier to clean and purify the water used for cooking and drinking.
  1. Infuse Positive Intentions: Always infuse the act of using the kitchen sink with positive intentions and mindfulness. While preparing food and washing dishes, thank God and be grateful that you and the family have plenty to eat everyday. Consciously channel positive energy into the water as you engage in these daily rituals, imbuing the kitchen space with vibrancy and positivity.

Here’re the Don’ts:

  1. Avoid Clashing Colors: While choosing colors, be mindful of not using clashing colors. Instead, choose a color scheme that complements the overall color scheme of the kitchen.
  1. Usage of Electronic Devices: Try to minimize the use of electronic devices and appliances. Electromagnetic fields tend to disrupt the energy flow creating imbalances, hence limiting exposure is a must.
  1. Avoid Sharp Edges and Corners: Steer clear of sharp edges and corners in the kitchen sink area, as these are believed to generate negative energy while posing risk of getting physically hurt.
  1. Don’t Neglect Proper drainage: Improperly working kitchen sink drain can lead to stagnation of stale water, posing a health hazard for family members. Ensure the drainage is always working efficiently, free from any leaks.
  1. Avoid Wastage of Water: Being mindful of water usage while cleaning utensils and cooking food is a great habit. Turning off the tap when not in use and fixing any leaks or drips promptly shows respect towards water.
  1. Avoid Overcrowding of Decor: It is advisable to avoid excessive decoration of the kitchen sink as it’ll feel cluttered over time. Try to keep fewer items that bring you joy and give you happiness and relaxation.

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