7 Amazing Vastu Approved Paintings for your home and office

Vastu Shastra aims to balance the energies to attract prosperity, health, and happiness. One way to achieve that is by hanging Vastu compliant paintings in your home.

Here’s a list of 7 amazing vastu approved paintings that not only add aesthetic value to your walls but also attract bliss and abundance.

1. Waterfall Painting or River Painting

In vastu shastra, water is believed to be related to wealth and prosperity and flowing water symbolizes continuous flow of wealth and prosperity. According to Vastu expert Dr. Puneet Chawla, “Such paintings should ideally be placed in the northeast direction to enhance the water element and attract financial growth.”

Flowing water isn’t just about gaining money and wealth, it’s about maintaining the smooth flow of finances and everything else in life.

A waterfall painting in the living room can greet guests with a sense of calm and abundance, setting a positive tone right from the start.

Stay clear from paintings that depict stagnant water as they symbolize financial stagnation.

Read our super in-depth guide on waterfall painting vastu shastra for further knowledge.

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2. Mountain Paintings

In vastu, mountains have always represented strength, stability, and support. These paintings are particularly beneficial for professionals and students.

It’s best to hang mountain paintings in the southwest direction to strengthen the earth element in this area.
However, students can hang these paintings on the West wall as it’s best for them to face the East while studying. For more on this please read the article about study room vastu.

The reason behind placing mountains is rooted in the stability and support they symbolize. For someone embarking on a new career or even for students, a strong, stable mountain image helps serve as support, strength and resilience. It’s like having someone that has got your back, stands tall and encourages you to remain firm and determined.

Vastu consultant Priya Khanna suggests, “Mountain paintings in the study room or living area can provide a grounding effect, ensuring stability and support in your endeavors.”

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3. Floral Paintings

Floral paintings, especially the ones featuring blooming flowers, are known to invite positive energy and happiness into your home. For best results place them in the north, east, or northeast directions.

Vastu Shastra expert Ashwini Kumar advises, “Choose vibrant flowers to uplift the mood and create a lively atmosphere in your living space.”

In Vastu, blooming flowers symbolize growth and growth potential. A vibrant floral painting in the dining area can enhance family relationships by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Similarly, in a bedroom, it helps foster love, harmony and companionship among partners.

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4. Peacock Paintings

Everybody loves peacocks; they symbolize beauty, grace, and joy. It is also believed that peacocks can eliminate any negative effects of planet Rahu. Hanging peacock paintings in the south direction helps money and harmony flow.

Vastu practitioner Ritu Kapoor says, “A painting of a pair or a group of peacocks can enhance the aesthetic appeal while bringing harmony into your home.

The peacock’s mesmerizing beauty and regal stance can bring an air of elegance and luxury.Placing a peacock painting in the living room or the main hallway not only beautifies your space but also invites joy and festivity. This placement is very good for people who love busy social lives as it can  invite a lot of guests and happy gatherings.

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5. Painting of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of good fortune. His paintings are best for placing at the entrance or in the northeast direction.

According to Vastu expert Anupam V Kapil, “A Ganesha painting not only brings peace and prosperity but also removes negativity from the environment.”

While selecting a painting of Lord Ganesha, it’s crucial to ensure to select his right depiction. Choose images where he is calm and composed, symbolizing peace and wisdom.

If you’re facing obstacles in your career then a Ganesha painting in an office or workspace can work wonders.

A Ganehsa painting in the living room can enhance the overall positive energy, ensuring a harmonious family life.

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6. Painting of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is the deity of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, it is natural for students or anyone involved in creative pursuits to get paintings of her. Placing the painting in the east direction attracts knowledge and success.

As Vastu consultant Kavita Khosa puts it, “Saraswati paintings in study rooms can enhance concentration and academic performance.”

Also, a Saraswati painting in the study area can serve as a constant source of inspiration for children and adults alike. The painting must show the Goddess playing the veena as this represents the harmony of knowledge and arts. This helps in educational pursuits and creative areas like music, art, writing etc.

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7. Sunrise or Nature Scenery

Sunrise or serene natural landscape paintings bring in freshness, calm,  natural energy and a sense of new beginnings. Placing them in the east direction encourages social connections and a positive mindset development.

“Sunrise paintings symbolize hope and new opportunities, making them perfect for the east wall,” says Vastu advisor Suman Sharma.

The depiction of a sunrise develops optimism and renewal. Starting your day with a view of a rising sun sets a positive and claiming mindset.

Similarly, paintings of nature nourish visual soothening, providing mental relaxation and reducing stress, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

When going for natural paintings, choose the ones with more green color landscapes. Green is the color associated with healing that’s why we see a lot of green in the hospitals.

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Vastu Tips for Paintings

Avoid Dark and Depressing Imagery: Stay away from paintings that evoke sadness or negative emotions as these bring in negative energy.

Placement is Key: Ensure that all the paintings are as per vastu rules and placed in the optimal directions for maximum efficiency.

Choose lively colors: Use colors like red, blue,green, and yellow, which are considered auspicious in Vastu. Also, while choosing such paintings, ensure not to go for the ones that have very dark or dull shades of any color. Furthermore, avoid paintings with contrasting colors such as red and blue (fire and water).

Dr. Snehal Deshpande, a Vastu consultant, emphasizes, “The right color combination in paintings can significantly enhance the overall vibe of the room. Colors like red symbolize life and energy, blue represents tranquility, and yellow brings cheerfulness. Incorporate these in your artwork to uplift the mood of your home.”

 Clean and Maintain Regularly: Dust, dirt, cobwebs etc are a strict no on paintings. Cleaning the paintings regularly ensures that they radiate positive energy and enhance longevity.

 FAQs on Vastu-Compliant Paintings

 1. How are paintings significant in Vastu Shastra?

Answer: Vastu Shastra aims to harmonize living spaces with natural elements. In vastu, paintings are believed to influence flow of energy, enhance positivity, prosperity, and harmony.

 2. What is the best direction for flowing water or waterfall painting?

Answer: Northeast or the North direction are best suited. Avoid the south direction.

 3. I’d like to hang mountain paintings. What points should I consider?

Answer: Choose paintings that depict strong and stable mountains. Hang these in the southwest direction to get stability and support. Avoid them in the northeast direction as they hinder growth if placed here.

 4. Can floral paintings really bring in positive energy?

Answer: Yes, placing floral paintings in the north, east, or northeast directions help invite positive energy and happiness.

 5. What’s great about peacock paintings in Vastu?

Answer: Peacock paintings symbolize beauty, grace, and joy. Placing them in the south direction helps to attract harmony and financial flow.

 6. Where should I hang a painting of Lord Ganesha?

Answer: Entrance of a home or in the northeast direction are the best. Hang here to remove obstacles and bring peace and prosperity.

 7. Where to place Goddess Saraswati paintings in a home?

Answer: Placing in the east direction attracts knowledge and success; especially beneficial for students and creative professionals.

 8. What is the best direction to hang sunrise or nature paintings?

Answer: The East direction is ideal as it brings fresh energy and a sense of new beginnings.

 9. What type of paintings are to be avoided in Vastu paintings?

Answer: Dark, depressing, or negative imagery like that of crying woman or child, war scenes etc. should be avoided.

 10. Do colors in paintings matter according to Vastu?

Answer:  Yes, choose paintings with auspicious colors like red, blue, and yellow. Avoid dark and dull colors like black or gray.

 11. How about maintenance of paintings?

Answer: Clean, dust-free and well maintained paintings ensure they continue to radiate positive energy.

 12. Can I place Vastu-compliant paintings in my office?

Answer: Yes, sure. They can enhance professional success, remove obstacles, and help create a positive work environment.

 13. What points to keep in mind when choosing Vastu paintings?

Answer: Consider the direction, what the painting depicts, and colors to ensure they align with Vastu principles.

By carefully selecting and placing the best paintings as per vastu shastra you can enhance the positive energy in your home or office apart from decorating your space.

Don’t get overwhelmed while trying to incorporate these Vastu principles into your decor. Start the transformation with just one or two paintings at a time and observe the changes that these bring. Soon you’ll get the hang of what and how things are going for you.

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