Waterfall Painting Vastu Shastra: The Flow of Fortune

Welcome to a comprehensive waterfall painting vastu shastra guide.

If you’re planning to hang a waterfall painting in your home or office but aren’t sure about related vastu rules then this guide will be immensely helpful.

Vastu shastra is considered crucial in Indian homes to create harmonious and blissful living spaces. To achieve this, vastu sometimes uses decor elements and a very popular one is a waterfall painting.  Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of a house, a waterfall painting brings in prosperity and positive energy, if and only if, it is as per vastu principles.

Benefits of Waterfall Paintings

As per  vastu beliefs, waterfall paintings are much more than beautiful artworks. They radiate positive vibes across the house as the flowing water symbolizes the never-ending flow of money and fortune. Thus, one of the biggest advantages of a waterfall painting is that it can usher in financial stability for the inhabitants..

In vastu, water is a powerful symbol that’s directly related to wealth. An appropriately placed waterfall painting can be a great Vastu remedy to improve financial condition and attract prosperity.

So let’s dive in and learn the best directions and locations to place a waterfall painting.

Optimal Directions for Waterfall Paintings

Just like everything else in vastu, the waterfall painting must also be as per vastu rules and principles to achieve maximum efficiency.

One of the principles is to place the painting in favorable directions. Let’s understand the best direction to place waterfall painting in a home as per  vastu shastra.

Best Directions: The best direction to place a waterfall painting is the North or North-East wall. This is because the North is governed by the water element and a waterfall painting here is a natural fit. The North-East, aka Ishan corner is also a favorable place and a water element here fosters financial stability and promotes positive thoughts.

One can also place a waterfall painting in the East or West walls without any fear of adverse effects.

Renowned Vastu expert Dr. Smita Narang states, “Placing a waterfall painting in the north or northeast direction can significantly enhance the financial prospects of the household.”

Directions to Avoid: 

Certain directions may counteract the positivity of waterfall paintings. Hence avoid placing them in such directions. These directions are:

Southeast: Southeast is the zone of fire and anything related to water here is naturally contradictory. A waterfall painting here may hinder success.

Northwest: NW is associated with the wind element, waterfall painting here can cause conflicts within family members.

Southwest: Earth element governs the SW side, waterfall painting here can create instability within the family.

Have a look at the image below that visually represents the best and the worst directions for a waterfall painting as per vastu shastra.

Best Locations for Waterfall Paintings

Having seen the best directions, let’s now have a look at the best locations to hang a waterfall painting.

Living room or Office: A living room is the best place to hang a waterfall painting. A painting here will help attract wealth and career opportunities.

Bedroom: Avoid placement of waterfall paintings here. The never ending flow of water might not resonate with the restful environment of the bedroom.

Kitchen: A kitchen is usually placed in the SouthEast of the house and SE is the zone of fire, hence a waterfall painting here isn’t recommended.  

Vastu Tips for Placing Waterfall Paintings

When choosing a waterfall painting, one must keep these important points in mind:

Size: Ensure that the painting is neither too big nor too small. As a huge or tiny amount of water isn’t good as one symbolizes floods and other signifies scarcity.

Clarity: Ensure the painting is of high quality and very clear. Stay away from dull, damaged or faded ones.

Water Flow Direction: The flowing water in the painting should flow towards the interior of the house, symbolizing wealth entering your home.

According to Vastu consultant Priya Khanna, “The direction of water flow in a painting can influence the overall energy of the space. Always ensure it flows towards the house to attract abundance.”


Where should a waterfall painting be placed according to Vastu?

  • North or northeast directions are best to attract wealth and positive energy.

Can I hang a waterfall painting in the bedroom?

  • Best to avoid placing waterfall paintings in the bedroom for a restful environment.

Can I hang a waterfall painting in the kitchen?

  • Avoid placing a water related painting in the kitchen. A kitchen is the zone of fire and anything related to water here may cause clashes.

Which directions should be avoided for placing waterfall paintings?

  • Avoid waterfall paintings in the southeast, southwest, and northwest directions.

What are the benefits of a waterfall painting?

  • They invite and enhance positive energy, financial growth, and career advancement.

Can a waterfall painting be placed in the living room?

  • Yes, the living room is the best location, especially on the north wall. However, the East or West wall can also be used if the North isn’t possible.

Why is the water flow direction important in a waterfall painting?

  • The water should flow towards the interior of the house to symbolize wealth entering your home.

What size should a waterfall painting be?

  • Choose a size that is proportionate to your wall space and ensures clarity. Neither too big nor too small.

Is it beneficial to have a waterfall painting in the office?

  • Yes, it can help attract career growth and financial success.

Can a waterfall painting improve financial conditions?

  • Yes, if placed in the correct Vastu direction, it can act as a remedy to improve financial stability.

By following these Vastu guidelines, you can harness the power of waterfall paintings to create a positive, prosperous, and harmonious living space.

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