Vyapar Vridhi Yantra

Vyapar Vridhi YyantraAre you suffering financially in business or professional front? Are you unemployed and finding a good job seems difficult? Have you started or planning to start a new business? If you answered any of the above questions as “Yes” then you must take a very important action and get a vyapar vridhi yantra. This vyapar vridhi yantra blesses the owner with success, wealth, prosperity and progress in business and career aspects. The owner of this yantra can accomplish all his objectives and targets easily and achieves success in all aspects of life.

How Does Vyapar Vridhi Yantra Work?

All you need to do is to place this vyapar vridhi yantra at the place of business such as office, shop or showroom and witness your business turn into a money making machine.

Mantra that you need to chant for Vyapar Vridhi Yantra: “Om Akarshaye Swaha

Our Verdict?

For all the people having business, people who are unemployed, people who want promotion in their jobs, without doubt, this is a MUST HAVE yantra.

We’re amazed at all the positive changes that this Vyapar Vridhi Yantra has brought to our business and we definitely recommend this to you!!!

Where Can You Buy From?

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  • Kushal Sharma

    Sir. In which direction should we keep this yantra in office. And how long will it take to show results

  • VastuShastraAdmin

    Hi Kushal Sharma,

    This yantra can be placed in East or North direction.
    However, as this is a very powerful yantra, the placement of this yantra must be done under guidance of an expert vastu consultant.

    The time that this yantra takes to show results totally depends upon the placement and the negative energy level of the place. More negativity, the more time it may take.


  • Ranjan Fender

    Sir, How to use this Yantra for unemployeed person?

  • VastuShastraAdmin

    Hi Ranjan,

    Just keep it at your place and do regular pooja.


  • Sir, Where it place in retail garment shop

  • VastuShastraAdmin

    Hi Pratap,

    You can place it near the cash locker. Make sure that your cash locker faces North side.