Category: Dosh

Vastu dosh or defect is the divergence of the architecture of building from vastu rules and guidelines. Whenever a vastu dosh or vastu defect occurs in a building, be it an independent house, a home, an apartment, office or any other building, it is bound to bring troubles, problems and issues with it.

The troubles that come with vastu defect depends upon the dosh and the it’s location with respect to the building. Hence each vastu dosha may attract different problems depending upon the location and direction of dosh.

Now, since there can be many vastu dosha that can occur in a home, hence we’ve segregated the most common vastu doshas on the basis of direction, such as, vatsu doshas that occur in North East direction, vast defects of South West direction and so on.

Furthermore, we’ve also suggested vastu remedies that you – must – apply if you find that your home also has one or more than one such vastu doshsa.